Best Match for Winding and Mini Circuit Driving!
(Only available in Japan)

ARMA SPORTS is designed to meet the driving conditions such as vehicle speed, rotor temperature range and brake force (brake fluid pressure) in mini-circuit driving.
In addition, the brake pads are made of low steel for excellent release control and are ideal for mini-circuit driving with high grip radial tires. There are three types to choose from according to your preference for effects.



Features outstanding control


Ave Friction *1 0.40~0.46 (STREET)
0.30~0.34 (CIRCUIT)
Temp Range NT~600℃
Material Low Steel
  • Most emphasis on control in AP1 to AP3
  • Flat torque characteristics, with the effect rising in response to pedal force
  • Excellent compatibility with ABS and control brakes
  • Step Up from ARMA STREET AT3
  • Suitable for light to medium weight cars as well as heavy cars with big caliper kit


A standard model that delivers both effectiveness and control


Ave Friction *1 0.45~0.52 (STREET)
0.33~0.37 (CIRCUIT)
Temp Range NT~700℃
Material Low Steel
  • The initial bite feeling is the highest among the AP1 to AP3
  • The balance of release control and action is particularly good, and it is suitable for all types of cars and courses
  • High pedal rigidity and stability on the track


Heavy duty specification for heat resistance and effectiveness!


Ave Friction *1 0.44~0.58 (STREET)
0.35~0.40 (CIRCUIT)
Temp Range NT~750℃
Material Low Steel
  • The most effective and heat resistant product among AP1~AP3
  • It does not have the sticky feeling that is more likely to occur when the effect and heat resistance are increased
  • Little drop in effectiveness even in continuous laps at high temperatures


Rear shoe to match the front AP series


Ave Friction *1 0.33~0.37
Temp Range NT~400℃
Material Non Steel
  • Prevents unintentional rear locking and provides excellent control and heat resistance
  • 10% better heat resistance than the stock shoe
  • Brake shoes for a good balance with all front AP series


  • *1The coefficient of friction is the result of our original dynamo test and cannot be compared with the coefficient of friction of other manufacturers' products.