WinmaX was established in 1984 by MK Kashiyama, a company that has been manufacturing and selling brake pads and shoes for over 50 years, in order to develop and manufacture products for motorsports such as racing and rallying.

WinmaX has been used for more than 30 years in a variety of racing fields and has been supported and trained by many drivers.
Today, WinmaX products are used in many races around the world, including WRC, WTCC, Dakar Rally, Formula Drift and many more.

WinmaX is backed by a wealth of experience in development. At WinmaX, we are committed to providing our customers with the performance they are looking for, and we will continue to redouble our efforts to provide them with the products they need.

President & CEO



All Japan F3000 Championship
  • Began development of lace materials within MK Kashiyama Corporation
    Started testing at Fuji Freshman and Suzuka Clubman races (1982)
  • WinmaX, Inc established (1984)
    Became Japan's first brake brand for motorsports
  • Keiichi Tsuchiya, who was a development driver at the time, won the championship in Fuji Freshman and AE86
  • We began supplying products for the F3000 and have a dominant market share.


All Japan Touring Car Championship
  • Started supplying brake pads for various races and got to win a lot.
    ・ F3000
    ・ JTCC (All Japan Touring Car Championship)
    ・ Formula 3 (F3)
    ・ All Japan GT Championship
    ・ N1 Endurance Race
    ・ All Japan Gymkhana Championship


All Japan Gymkhana Championship
  • Integra Intercup
  • We started testing with Sunday racers all over the country to develop pads for the track meet.
  • The ARMA series was created as a dedicated pad for track meets (2004 - )
  • PWRC (Production Car World Rally Championship)
  • Supplied products to WRC and JWRC Suzuki Sports Team
  • The "itzzz" series, a brand for competition, is born (2009 - )
Asia Pacific Rally Championship


WTCR (World Touring Car Championship)
  • Integration of WinmaX products other than "itzz" into the "ARMA" series (2010)
  • Launched the W series (overseas exclusive brand) (2013)
  • Supplied products to WTCC (World Touring Car Championship) LADA and CIVIC
  • WRC and NASCAR tests begin
  • World Cross Country Championship: Supplying products to HILUX
  • Supply to WTCR Audi team begins.
WRC (World Rally Championship)


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