WinmaX technologies for high reliability and performance



Integrated production system

By carrying out all production-related processes in-house, we are able to achieve a high level of quality control and conduct detailed quality checks at each process.

In WinmaX, we do everything ourselves, from purchasing steel products to blending, molding, processing, and shipping. This integrated production system provides a stable supply of high quality products.


In-house production facilities

Apart from compounding technology, the most important factor in the performance of brake pads is the "manufacturing conditions" in the manufacturing process.

Especially in the thermoforming process, where friction materials are pressed together by heat and pressure, the optimum temperature, pressure, and timing of gas venting that occurs during the molding process vary depending on the material, and these manufacturing conditions are also important factors that affect performance.

We have developed and manufactured our own production facilities in order to meet the detailed manufacturing requirements of our customers.


Flexible production system

WinmaX's production line is particularly good at handling high-mix, small-lot production, placing more emphasis on the stability of each product than on mass production, and using the single unit molding method (one piece at a time) with no variation in products, rather than the multiple unit production method (4 to 10 pieces at a time) adopted by many other manufacturers.

This production method enables the production of stable products with no variation in mold temperature distribution or molding pressure.