Brake Fluid

Replace the brake pads at the same time to improve the feeling!


  • This is a brake fluid that maintains high performance, high performance stability, and affinity with rubber parts, while achieving stronger atomic bonding and preventing a drop in boiling point during long-term use as much as possible.
  • It can be used as an alternative to ordinary DOT3, DOT4 and DOT5.1
Boiling Point(Dry) 288℃
Boiling Point(Wet) 188℃
Contents 500ml / 1000ml


  • This racing fluid has been developed for heavy users who frequently run on circuits, and for continuous use under ultra-high temperature conditions such as rally and endurance races.
  • High performance stability and high temperature performance with special viscosity adjustment for ideal brake touch
Boiling Point(Dry) 320℃
Boiling Point(Wet) 212℃
Contents 500ml / 1000ml

Stainless Steel Mesh Brake Hose

Improved pedal feel with low expansion and excellent pressure resistance
  • It can be used from the street to the circuit, regardless of the scene
  • Adopts Teflon hose with stainless steel mesh coating, which has a long history and track record in various fields
  • Low expansion rate achieved by stainless steel mesh coating
  • Transmits pedal input directly to the caliper without loss
  • Vinyl-coated hose surface to protect against trauma damage