WinmaX technologies for high reliability and performance



Dynamo testing machine

We are the first brake pad manufacturer in Japan to introduce and develop full-size dynamo and noise dynamo testers for aftermarket brake pads.

In addition to testing methods based on JASO and SAE standards, we have developed dozens of our own test patterns to meet the needs of our customers.


Test pattern know-how

In the dynamo test, the vehicle speed, brake fluid pressure, and rotor temperature are changed in a test pattern simulating town or circuit driving, etc., to confirm the efficacy and performance of friction coefficient, torque characteristics, etc., to evaluate squeal performance, to confirm the amount of pad and rotor wear, and to confirm crack resistance.

It is important to make sure that the test pattern is consistent with the actual vehicle, and this is where our long years of know-how are put to good use.


Evaluation tests on the road

WinmaX brake pads have been evaluated by professional drivers in various categories not only in Japan but also in other parts of the world through our unique network.

In addition to analyzing logger data, we are developing products with the utmost emphasis on the human sense, which is difficult to quantify in dynamo tests.


Evaluation of physical properties

The evaluation of a friction material is not only based on its potency and performance, but also on its strength, thermal expansion and contraction, compressibility, and anti-corrosion performance.

There are strict in-house standards for each of these items, and if a product does not meet these standards, it will not be released to the market.

There is a trade-off between these properties, and WinmaX continues to research friction materials with the optimum balance.