Street brake pads for a sporting feel
(Only available in Japan)

ARMA STREET is a street-use sports pad based on our long experience in the development and production of non-steel materials (NAO materials).
It has been repeatedly tested on various roads in various cities, in various seasons, and has improved the weak points of non-steel materials, such as braking, heat resistance, and pedal rigidity.



Low cost, low dust, low noise comfort


Ave Friction *1 0.33~0.38
Temp Range NT~450℃
Material Non Steel
  • Equal to stock pads, but with a tighter pedal feel.
  • Achieves long life of pads and rotors
  • Wheel dirt is the same level as stock pads


A standard model with a high balance of power, dust and noise


Ave Friction *1 0.38~0.43
Temp Range NT~450℃
Material Non Steel
  • 20% more effective than the stock pad
  • Pedal touch with a feeling of rigidity not found in stock pads
  • For Japanese cars, wear indicator is equipped as standard (some models are not compatible)
  • As an upgrade of the stock pad
  • Less dirt on the wheels, so it's recommended for import car users


For those who want a reliable effect in town riding


Ave Friction *1 0.44~0.48
Temp Range NT~500℃
Material Non Steel
  • For users who value effectiveness from ordinary roads to winding roads
  • Wheel stains will occur, but dust can be easily removed with a dry wipe or water rinse
  • Excellent fade resistance in spite of non-steel material
  • Reduces the severe squeal that can easily occur on circuit pads
  • There is no adhesion of iron powder to the body, which is easy to occur on circuit pads


Change the rear shoe at the same time to get the best brake balance


Ave Friction *1 0.33~0.34
Temp Range NT~350℃
Material Non Steel
  • Rear shoe for street use that balances effectiveness, wear and brake squeal
  • 10% more effective than the stock shoe
  • Brake shoes for the best balance with all front AT series


  • *1 The coefficient of friction is the result of our original dynamo test and cannot be compared with the coefficient of friction of other manufacturers' products.
  • The coefficient of friction of the ARMA STREET series is the result of a dynamo test code for city driving and cannot be compared with the coefficient of friction of other ARMA series.