WinmaX technologies for high reliability and performance



Accumulated compounding technology

The greatest strength of WinmaX is our in-house research and development and manufacturing of friction materials.

Utilizing the raw material analysis and optimal compounding technology that we have cultivated since our establishment, we propose the best friction materials for various situations.

The performance of the raw materials used for friction materials varies greatly depending on the composition, purity, particle size, length and thickness of the fibers.


Commitment to raw materials

From a wide variety of combinations of these materials, we use the data we have accumulated over many years of experience to season the brake feel that is important for sports pads.

We also collaborate with raw material manufacturers in the development of resins, carbon and abrasives, and are committed to the development of raw materials themselves.


Creating products that are friendly to people and the environment

In consideration of the environmental impact of brake wear powder, we are developing friction materials that are friendly to people and the environment, as well as pursuing performance, such as using bio-degradable fibers, by making some products copper-free and antimony-free.

We have established our own strict guidelines for the raw materials we use, and we develop our products with consideration for the global environment at every stage of their life cycle.