Brake pads for time attacks and sprint races on full circuits
(Only available in Japan)

The ARMA Circuit Series are the brake pads for full-circuit events, time attacks and sprint races.
The material was designed in consideration of vehicle speed, deceleration, brake fluid pressure, and rotor temperature during full-circuit driving in order to endure use on the harsh full-circuit.



The most control-focused model


Ave Friction *1 0.37~0.40
Temp Range 50~650℃
Material Mid Steel
  • It has the most control of the four types
  • Especially for full circuit driving of light to medium weight cars
  • Linear effect on stepping force
  • As the rear of FF cars that want to prevent the rear lock


A standard model with a good balance of power and control


Ave Friction *1 0.39~0.43
Temp Range 100~750℃
Material High Steel
  • All-purpose full-circuit brake pads for any track or car type
  • There is a moderate initial bite, and the deceleration performance and controllability from high speed range are balanced in a high dimension
  • If you're wondering what to do on a full circuit, this model is the one to start with!


A model that combines potency performance and durability


Ave Friction *1 0.45~0.48
Temp Range 300~800℃
Material High Steel
  • Superior pad life and high efficacy
  • For full circuit braking
  • No rapid build-up and great control


Model with the highest priority on efficacy performance


Ave Friction *1 0.47~0.52
Temp Range 300~850℃
Material High Steel
  • Initial byte, set the overall potency as high as possible
  • As a time attack and race pad for heavy and high power cars
  • For master backless vehicles


Rear shoe to match the front AC series


Ave Friction *1 0.35~0.38
Temp Range NT~400℃
Material Non Steel
  • Improved rear lock prevention and fade resistance for rear of FF cars.


  • *1 The coefficient of friction is the result of our original dynamo test and cannot be compared with the coefficient of friction of other manufacturers' products.
  • The friction coefficients of the ARMA CIRCUIT series are the result of dynamo test codes that assume circuit driving.